Legacy Building And Design Inc Was Founded By Ray Hubbard

September 21, 2015
There are very few firms who conduct themselves with the same level of professionalism or integrity as Legacy Building and Design Inc. This company, founded by Ray Hubbard in North Carolina, has always insisted on making the company one that he could be proud of. Ray Hubbard has put together a staff who have a keen understanding of what it is like to go through the design and building process. They work hard to ensure that their clients do not have a negative experience.

Legacy Building and Design Inc. emphasizes communication skills with their clients as well. This means staying in communication enough to accurately convey what is going on and how it is being handled. Clients tend to appreciate being kept in the loop, which so many other firms simply fail at. Ray Hubbard has seen Legacy Building and Designs Inc. complete over a thousand projects over the course of his career.

Legacy Building and Design Inc. has a wealth of accumulated experience in the industry. This allows them to see to the needs of their clients, often before they know their own needs. Legacy Building and Design Inc. has over one-hundred years of experience and has been involved in more than one-thousand completed projects.
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